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The DucCutters club is dedicated to custom Italian motorcycles. This online community is open to anyone who is serious about customizing their Italian motorcycles, sharing information on customized Italian motorcycles and competition. We're continuously adding resources and information to help educate an inform our club members on unique and safe ways to customize their Italian motorcycles.

We offer full RSS services for anyone who wants to add our growing list of project bikes to their own website or just want to keep informed of new projects as they are added.

Visit DucCuttersLimited our online store dedicated to provide a source for unique and hard to find parts and tools to assist our memebers in developing their projects.

What's New On DucCutters
If you would like your project bike added, just Click Here! The bar has been set high with the current projects, but all custom projects are welcome to contribute. Any questions, comments or suggestions contact

Featured Project

UMC 026 by Untitled Motorcycles

UMC 026 by Untitled Motorcycles

The story of this most recent build from Untitled Motorcycles begins back in 2007 when owner Patrick Price bought a Guzzi Tonti frame off eBay with the plan of a 6-month project. Seven years later, he had a pile of bits, enough to build a complete bike, but had lost his passion for the project. Surfing the Internet, considering selling the whole thing, Patrick stumbled across Untitled Motorcycles.
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Legal Notice

Motor Vehicle Modification
Customizing, forced induction systems (turbocharging, supercharging, nitrous oxide, etc.), frame modification, and other major vihicle modifications should never be taken lightly. Forced induction systems will shorten your vehicle mechanical life and increase your risk of serious accidents. The information in this website has been collected from several sources, and may contain errors. We do not accept any responsibility for the use of the information contained in this site. Be sure to double check all information and proceed with extreme caution. Any modifaction to your engine, frame or other vital part of your vehicle should only be done my trained professionals.

Racing: High Speed Driving/Riding
Drag racing, road racing and driving a motor vehicle are ALL inherently dangerous and should never be taken lightly. High speed driving/riding should only be done on closed-cuites, under strict guidlines. High speed driving/riding will shorten your vehicle mechanical life and increase your risk of serious accidents. Any form of street racing is just unacceptable. Never race on the street!

Manufacturer Representation
These project may not be officially endorsed by the manufacturer the project is representing. The projects are personal concepts only and does not reflect on the manufacturer. Any copyrighted logos or design cues that might be infringed on by this project are totally without malus, and only used by the designer to show their respect for the manufacturer. This club does not have any official sponsorship or endorment from any manufacturers.

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The DucCutters logo (slashed circle and cross-bones) is a register trademark of the club presdient, William Johnson. The logo is intended for the promotional use of the DucCutters club.

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