Nitrous Oxide (NOS)
Compressed oxygenated gas (stored is a cylinder) which is released on command into the engine ports to the engine to increase horsepower. At 570°F (~300°C), it splits into oxygen and nitrogen. Both increasing the cyclinder pressure and increasing the oxygen level. So the injection of nitrous oxide into an engine means that more oxygen is available during combustion and because you have more oxygen, you can also inject more fuel, allowing the same engine to produce more power. The Nitrous Oxide design can be adapted to work with any 2 or 4 stroke gasoline engine.

How Nitrous Oxide Work
Types of Nitrous Oxide Systems
These are three basic types of nitrous systems: Dry, Wet and Direct Port.

Dry nitrous system simply means that the fuel required to make additional power with nitrous will be introduced through the fuel injectors (remember, fuel makes power, nitrous simply lets you burn more of it). This keeps the upper intake dry of fuel. We accomplish this by two methods. First, is to increase the pressure to the injectors by applying nitrous pressure from the solenoid assembly when the system is activated. This causes an increase in fuel flow just like turning up the pressure on your garden hose from 1/2 to full. The second way we can add the required fuel is to increase the time the fuel injector stays on. This is accomplished by changing what the computer sees, basically tricking the computer into adding the required fuel. In either case, once the fuel has been added, the nitrous can be introduced to burn the supplemental fuel and generate additional power.

These kits include carburetor plate systems and add nitrous and fuel at the same time and place (normally 3- 4" ahead of the throttle body for fuel injected applications or just under the carb as with plate systems). This type of system will make the upper intake wet with fuel. These systems are best used with intakes designed for wet flow and turbo/supercharged applications.

Direct Port
Just as it's name implies, it introduces the nitrous and fuel directly into each intake port on an engine. These systems will normally add the nitrous and fuel together through a fogger nozzle or a NOSzle. The fogger nozzle mixes and meters the nitrous and fuel delivered to each cylinder. This is the most powerful and one of the most accurate type of systems. This is due to the placement of the nozzle in each runner, as well as the ability to use more and higher capacity solenoid valves. A direct port system will have a distribution block and solenoid assembly which delivers the nitrous and fuel to the nozzles by way of connecting tubes. Because each cylinder has a specific nozzle and jetting (both nitrous and fuel), it is possible to control the nitrous/fuel ratio for one cylinder without changing that of the other cylinders. These systems are also one of the more complicated systems when installation is considered, as the intake must be drilled, tapped, and the plumbing made to clear any existing obstructions. Because of this and the high output of these systems, they are most often used on racing vehicles built for the strain of such high horsepower levels.

Nitrous Oxide Systems
Motorcycle Fogger Guide
Bottle Temperature Information
Selecting A Fuel Pump for your Nitrous kit
Installation Requirements
Information for Plumbing your Motorcycle
Types of Nitrous Systems
Diagrams for Typical Plumbing
Regulator Settings for your Nitrous Oxide System
Technical Information on Tuning your Nitrous Kit

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